Tree Pruning

We offer professional pruning services to prevent premature breakage and aesthetic control. Corrective pruning can extend the life of many trees by removing crossing limbs, storm damage, and diseased areas.

  • Storms frequently damage trees with lightning strikes and wind. A damaged limb can fall and cause injury to people or property and in many cases, further damage to the tree itself. Removing damaged limbs prolong the life of the tree by eliminating the wounds where diseases can occupy the plant. Once a limb is damaged, the tree will use its energy to try and repair it, but in most cases, it is easier for the tree to repair a small pruned cut at the trunk, then a large limb with an open wound.

Whenever working overhead, we employ additional safety procedures to ensure a safe working environment for both our staff and the public. Our mandatory regulations outline specifically what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are necessary and the correct, safe operating procedures for all aerial projects.

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