Design & Installation

Many homes have been built with a “builder grade” landscape. We can design a landscape that better suits your new home.

Most builder grade landscapes are designed with a life-span. If your home is twenty years old and has the original landscape, it may be time for an upgrade.
New designs can include a variety of plant material that stays small over time, allowing your landscape to last for decades. Choose the design that best suits you.

A large part of plant design entails the understanding of what your plant material will look like in a few years. With our experience, we can design a landscape that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Plant material is specific to geographical location, but also exposure. A large number of plant material failures are due to placement. Soil types are also key to the survival of plant material. Let us evaluate the property, and ensure your plant material a long, healthy life.

Our confidence and background allow us to offer a no charge warranty on most new plant material.

Let us maintain your new landscape with a maintenance package that fits you and your property -See more details in our Grounds Maintenance Section. Packages are all custom designed to meet your needs. You can place your account on autopilot with GreenLine.

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