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From Corrective Pruning to Complete Removals, We’ve Got You Covered.

Our first goal is always to save trees whenever possible, but in some instances it is necessary to remove certain trees. Let a professional assess your property and expose any potential risks you may have:

  • Some trees have a lifespan, and once it is reached, they can become dangerous and unsightly. Older trees that are no longer healthy pose dangerous hazards to surrounding people and structures. Large limbs from diseased trees can break and fall in a small breeze and cause bodily injury or damage to property.
  • Some plant material is planted too closely to foundations and over time, their roots can cause damage. Removal is necessary to prevent property damage.
  • Some trees are planted too closely with surrounding trees and over time begin to compete with each other. Removing some trees can allow others to thrive.

We offer professional pruning services to prevent premature breakage and aesthetic control. Corrective pruning can extend the life of many trees by removing crossing limbs, storm damage, and diseased areas.

  • Storms frequently damage trees with lightning strikes and wind. A damaged limb can fall and cause injury to people or property and in many cases, further damage to the tree itself. Removing damaged limbs prolong the life of the tree by eliminating the wounds where diseases can occupy the plant. Once a limb is damaged, the tree will use its energy to try and repair it, but in most cases, it is easier for the tree to repair a small pruned cut at the trunk, then a large limb with an open wound.

We utilize a 60 foot aerial bucket truck for precise cuts and controlled drops. We provide crane assisted removals for precise High Risk, Large Tree, and Emergency Removals. With the use of a crane, we are able to remove large and dangerous trees safely without the risk of damaging the surroundings. In many cases, we are also able to minimize the damage to turf by loading our trucks directly with the crane.

Stump Grinding Services can remove the majority of the upper root mass if you want to turn the area into turf or flower bed. Grinding removes about 12 to 18 inches of the stump below the surface. The remaining root mass will eventually decompose and may cause settlement. But, depending on the application, stump grinding may be the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

Total Stump Removal is also available. When planting a new tree or installing a permanent patio or other hardscape, it is in your best interest to remove the entire root mass to prevent future decomposition and settling of the subsoil. We will excavate and remove the root structure and backfill with the appropriate material to fit the needs of the upcoming landscape.

Emergency Storm Services are available year-round. We work with many insurance companies to quickly and professionally remove fallen trees from homes and businesses. Our trained staff comes prepared to each site with all the necessary equipment to restore conditions back to the norm.

Whenever working overhead, we employ additional safety procedures to ensure a safe working environment for both our staff and the public. Our mandatory regulations outline specifically what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are necessary and the correct, safe operating procedures for all aerial projects.

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